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Cheap Taxi Insurance - How to obtain Cheap Taxi Insurance in the UK


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Cheap taxi insurance is offered by insurers if you have proven years of taxi driving, this is usually calculated by the number of years you have held your local authority taxi badge. Additional taxi insurance savings can be made if the taxi is insured for one driver only and that one driver is also the owner. Taxi operators that have more than one taxis may benefit from fleet taxi insurance instead of an individual policy for each taxi.

REMEMBER if you operate a private hire vehicle for commercial purposes in the UK you will require a more tailored form of insurance able to provide more cover than a standard car policy. This is because you not only do you have a liability to yourself and other road users but you have the additional liability of carrying passengers.

Taxi insurance: Driving a private hire vehicle means that by law you are required to have a minimum level of taxi insurance against third party liability. If you use your taxi full time it is often advised you consider fully comprehensive taxi insurance


Finding Cheap Taxi Insurance
There is no one insurance company that charges low premiums in the taxi market. It all depends on your individual circumstances, that's why it is essential for taxi owner drivers, taxi associations and taxi operators to shop around for deals.

Careful drivers rewarded with Cheap Taxi Insurance
There is no substitute for experience, an experienced careful taxi driver can often obtain a much cheaper premium than a less experienced colleague. Many Private Hire and Public Hire insurance companies and brokers look at which council you are plated to, your age and the length of time you have held your taxi badge.

Top 5 tips for cheap taxi insurance

  • Advise an insurer if you have company car experience
  • Advise your insurance broker of any no claims bonus you have on private car policies
  • Get through your first year New taxi drivers are often considered a higher risk by insurers
  • Try to maintain and build up your no claims bonus
  • Restrict the number of driver on your taxi insurance policy


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